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This is a complete guide on a how to in Tamer Saga(FaceBook)

Insight to Tamer Saga

Tamer Saga is a browser-based RPG from PopPace, the dev team behind robot-themed SteelWar Online. Set in medieval Europe, it features an anime-styled world infested by a variety of monsters and bosses. Players select one of four classes, Warrior, Mage, Priest or Ranger, and follow the storyline delving into the mystic world for adventure.


As the title suggests, the bulk of gameplay is, if put simply, that players capture and tame monsters and then summon them to help in battles. Players will defeat monsters and bosses, collect them in Album and summon them to aid in adventure when the required Emblems level is met. Emblem and pets deployment are two interesting setups that add a layer of strategy to gameplay. Players can choose from 5 distinct types of Emblems (matching against each other) to boost certain attributes against specific rivials, such as Knight emblem to bring more damage on Dragons and Demons, and Demon emblem for higher hurt on Sprites and Animal; and players can also pick up one of 5 battle formations for monsters/bosses, based on enemy’s group. Besides, recruited pets can enhance power via the Sigil system. And, arena-based PvP is also added.


The Basics Heraldry/Emblems
Mounts Formations
Guilds King of Fighter
Auction Magic Pets
How to Purchase Vip/Vouchers

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